AKSW Semantic Pingback Service

Adding a social dimension to the Linked Data Web.

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The Semantic Pingback mechanism is an extension of the well-known Pingback method, a technological cornerstone of the blogosphere, thus supporting the interlinking within the Data Web.

This Standalone Semantic Pingback Service can be used to pingback-enable Semantic Web (and other) resources.

How to test Semantic Pingback/send a pingback?

You can ping this service by adding a HTML link to this service to one of your resources and type the source and target resource URLs directly into these input fields:

(source resource, e.g. your WebID)
(target resource, e.g. your new friends WebID)
(optional comment)

Note: This standalone pingback server does not modify any resource.

Here is a list of the last Pingbacks received by http://pingback.feedback.aksw.org/. links_to predicates typically indicate a HTML-link while every other predicate is from an RDF resource or RDFa encoded in a webpage (not yet implemented).

How to use it with your resources/receive a pingback?

In order to use this service for one of your resources (e.g. your WebID) you can propagate the use of the AKSW Semantic Pingback service in two ways: